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Immigration…What does it mean to your town?


There has been much discussion about immigration…some for allowing more immigrants and other against doing so at this time.  Americans are torn by their desire to be generous and welcoming as they have done in the past..especially to those fearing for their lives.

Economist look at the statistics since the 1960’s when our American population was approximately 175 million.  The rapid increase has grown our numbers to over 300 million in 2010. Congress has called for the increase without public consent.   This number does not include illegal immigration. A nation that is deeply in debt should see that further climb of higher numbers is unsustainable.  Nevertheless, our tax dollars are paying for thousands of the flights to the U.S.  and generous help thereafter.

After the terrorist attacks in Paris, many U.S. governors have asked that there be a slow down until immigrants can be vetted properly. Not too much has been said about the cost and how we can afford the increase of already huge numbers.

Many of the new immigrants are from countries that have different values from ours or the western world.   They look to their history of Hegira or migration ( sometimes spelled Hijrah or second generation migration).

(The meaning of  Hegira  is Mohammed’s flight from Mecca to Medina in 622 AD.  (Muslim chronological era is reckoned from that date); Muslim era journey undertaken to escape from a dangerous situation; journey undertaken by a large group to escape from a hostile environment; migration, or exodus.)

Ann Corcoran, an American woman, has asked a sincere question:  Who is responsible for the resettlement of Hegira (or Hijrah) to America?  The answer may surprise our readers.  She is concerned about her home in Iowa and other communities around the United States. 

Other countries around the world have welcomed a large influx of immigrants to their country over the years.  They continue to do so with the crisis in Syria and the Middle East.   The biggest concern is the lack of assimilation  into the society of the country in which the immigrants have chosen to reside and the possibility of terrorists infiltrating into the refugees with plans to destroy the way of life of the country in which they are now a part.

The goal of some immigrated communities seems to be to change the society even if they are not actually taking part in murders or blowing it up.  This goal is  Sharia law with no concern to the will of the people.  Democratic opinion of all citizens is not up for conversation by those most radical in their belief.

(Sharia Law Definition: Muslim or Islamic law, both civil and criminal justice as well as regulating individual conduct both personal and moral.)


March in Belgium

 What does Sharia Law mean to cities and towns in the western world?  One may also asked why the country dealing with this problem turned a deaf ear or blind eye to what was happening?   Each country has its own laws, but giving over to those who want to change the laws to fit their ideology has proven to be a big mistake.  Their goal is to convert the world to their way of thinking and if the world does not go along, they have other plans.

One young woman decided to find out for herself what her own community in the UK had become.

2012 Video: Belief in Sharia in UK



Last of freedoms…Your Attitude and the Human Spirit

sadWhen someone has damaged your very soul and your meaning of life, it is easy to replay that situation mentally… in that it takes over much of one’s thinking.  The result:  that person or persons who did this thing has intruded into your life and taken over one of your most precious freedoms…your attitude, mind and your human spirit.  The privilege was not theirs. They have stolen it. Only you can take it back.

This was brought to me clearly when listening to a recent CBS news cast on the effect of terrorism and brutality on us psychologically, especially children.   In fact, it was an “Epiphany”(realization) of sorts to me personally in that I had experienced some deep sadness over the past year.  I found it a struggle not to think of this situation throughout the day….over and over again.

When I heard the words written by  Antoine Leiris to the terrorists who had killed his wife and the mother of his child, I knew this was a profound truth.

“You WILL NOT have my hatred.”

The report continues to tell of Viktor Frankl who had lost his wife in the Holocaust.

“Everything can be taken from a man (or woman) but one thing: the last of the human freedoms to choose one’s attitude.”   

It was these words that made me take hold of my sadness…my attitude…and confront within my own life,  that my JOY will not be destroyed.  Neither will my ability to LAUGH…and appreciate the good things of life. It made me look around me at the ones who show me love and the simple pleasures of sharing a meal and giving love back.

To those who read my blog, I ask that you will seriously consider your own hurts, disappointments, tragedies and sadness of life.  Speak out in your prayers and even your voice,  “YOU WILL NOT HAVE MY MIND, THOUGHTS or ATTITUDE.   Your action WILL NOT ruin my life.”

The joy of living!

The joy of living!


The impact of terrorism on the human spirit
A special video on one of our last FREEDOMS.  (enlarge screen for best viewing)

The French Foreign Legion…. The French Spirit Lives On!

Modern Day French Foreign Legion

Modern Day French Foreign Legion

We here in America know about our Special Forces and the brave men and women of our military, but we know little about the French military, past and present.    One of the most interesting parts of French history is the French Foreign Legion. (Click on high-lighted words to play video. Enlarge picture for best viewing.)    This video about its history is lengthy, but worth watching.  One will be impressed with their training and skill as well as their long tradition.

The modern-day French Foreign Legion has about  7,700 active duty legionnaires. In the past,  volunteers joined to start a new life, leaving old ways behind, coming from 136 different countries around the world. Today, there are strict regulations for becoming part of the Foreign Legion. Each member follows a seven point code of honor.

 1: Legionnaire, you are a volunteer, serving France with honor and fidelity.

 2: Each Legionnaire is your brother in arms whatever his nationality, his race or his religion might be. You show to him the same close solidarity that links the members the same family.

 3: You respect your traditions and your superiors. Discipline and friendship are your strengths. Courage and honesty are your virtues.

 4: You are proud of being a Legionnaire. You are always well-mannered and smart. Your behavior is of the best. You are always modest and your quarters are always clean and tidy.

 5: You are an elite soldier who is rigorous with himself. You consider your weapon as your most precious possession. You constantly maintain your physical fitness.

 6: Your mission is sacred. It is carried out until the end, in respect of the law, the customs of war International Conventions, if needs be, at the risk of your own life.

7: In combat you act without passion or hatred. You respect vanquished enemies. You never surrender your dead, your wounded, or your weapons.

French Foreign Legion

The French military will meet the challenge of the new enemies of the world just as it has in the past. The Spirit of the French people also lives on…strong and resolute.

Singing of liberty and life is Mireille Mathieu’s in her legendary performance of La Marseillaise with the Eiffel Tower in the background. (Mireille was born in 1946 in Avignon, France. She has recorded over 1200 songs in eleven languages, with 122 million albums sold.  She speaks of her love of God and her country.  The French spirit lives on. 


French National Anthem…  The Song of Marseille

For the City of Lights…the World’s Lights Shine

If the terrorists of the world think that the WORLD will sit by and not  have its say…think again.  The pictures shown below and throughout our media show that throughout the world, people not only mourn for the innocent victims…but are calling EVIL what it is.  If the extreme ideology of those religious fanatics is to take over the world…also think again.  Surely, the free people of the world will say “enough is enough” and remember the past and the evils of WWII.   “Those who do not remember the past, will live it over again.”   All people must stand together.  The leaders of each free nation must put into action …not just in talk…a deciding moment to do something about such a scourge on the earth.

French colors SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

French colors SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

We should not fear, but act….for fear is the paralyzing result hoped for by every terrorist. If the countries together do not act, one can expect that this will be become a way of life, taking away the freedom so enjoyed and appreciated by those of us who know it and live it.

French colors at Wembly Stadium, London, England

French colors at Wembly Stadium, London, England

Cathedral of St. Khatarina and St. Mauritius in Magdeburg Germany

Cathedral of St. Khatarina and St. Mauritius in Magdeburg, Germany

Lights in Jerusalem

Lights in Jerusalem














Exactly what do the Jihadist want to accomplish?  I recently read an article on this very question, which I feel needs repeating here.   Perhaps it will shed some light on the subject and waken those who have given it little thought.

Article written by ANDREW C. MCCARTHY February 7, 2015  (before the attack on Paris)

(Andrew C. McCarthy is a policy fellow at the National Review Institute.)

“There is a method to their barbarism. The Islamic State’s barbaric murder of Lieutenant Mouath al-Kasaebeh, the Jordanian air-force pilot the jihadists captured late last year, has naturally given rise to questions about the group’s objectives. Charles Krauthammer argues that the Islamic State is trying to draw Jordan into a land war in Syria. It is no doubt correct that the terrorist group would like to destabilize Jordan — indeed, it is destabilizing Jordan.

Its immediate aim, however, is more modest and attainable. The Islamic State wants to break up President Obama’s much trumpeted Islamic-American coalition. As the administration proudly announced back in September, Jordan joined the U.S. coalition, along with the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar. The only potential value of the coalition is symbolic: It has enabled the president to claim that Muslim countries were lining up with us against the Islamic State. Militarily, the coalition is of little use. These countries cannot defeat the Islamic State. Moreover, even the symbolism is insignificant. Symbolism, after all, cuts both ways. As I pointed out when the administration breathlessly announced the coalition, our five Islamic partners have only been willing to conduct (extremely limited) aerial operations against the Islamic State. They would not attack al-Qaeda targets — i.e., the strongholds of al-Nusra (the local al-Qaeda franchise) and “Khorasan” (an al-Qaeda advisory council that operates within al-Nusra in Syria). Obviously, if the relevance of the five Islamic countries’ willingness to fight the Islamic State is the implication that the Islamic State is not really Islamic, then their unwillingness to fight al-Qaeda equally implies their assessment that al-Qaeda is representative of Islam. The latter implication no doubt explains why the Saudis, Qatar, and the UAE have given so much funding over the years to al-Qaeda . . . the terror network from which the Islamic State originates and with which the Islamic State shares its sharia-supremacist ideology. I’ll give the Saudis this: They don’t burn their prisoners alive in a cage. As previously recounted here, though, they routinely behead their prisoners.

In fact, here’s another report from the British press just three weeks ago: Authorities in Saudi Arabia have publicly beheaded a woman in Islam’s holy city of Mecca. . . . Laila Bint Abdul Muttalib Basim, a Burmese woman who resided in Saudi Arabia, was executed by sword on Monday after being dragged through the street and held down by four police officers. She was convicted of the sexual abuse and murder of her seven-year-old step-daughter. A video showed how it took three blows to complete the execution, while the woman screamed “I did not kill. I did not kill.” It has now been removed by YouTube as part of its policy on “shocking and disgusting content”. There are two ways to behead people according to Mohammed al-Saeedi, a human rights activist: “One way is to inject the prisoner with painkillers to numb the pain and the other is without the painkiller. . . . This woman was beheaded without painkillers — they wanted to make the pain more powerful for her.” The Saudi Ministry of the Interior said in a statement that it believed the sentence was warranted due to the severity of the crime.

The beheading is part of an alarming trend, which has seen the kingdom execute seven people in the first two weeks of this year. In 2014 the number of executions rose to 87, from 78 in 2013. Would that the president of the United States were more worried about the security of the United States than about how people in such repulsive countries perceive the United States. In any event, the Islamic State is simply trying to blow up the coalition, which would be a useful propaganda victory. And the strategy is working. It appears at this point that only Jordan is participating in the airstrikes. While all eyes were on Jordan this week for a reaction to Lieutenant al-Kasaebeh’s immolation, the administration has quietly conceded that the UAE suspended its participation in bombing missions when the pilot was captured in December. The explanation for this is obvious: The Islamic countries in the coalition know they can’t stop the Islamic State unless the United States joins the fight in earnest, and they know this president is not serious.

The White House says the coalition has carried out a total of about 1,000 airstrikes in the last five months. In Desert Storm, we did 1,100 a day. Seven strikes a day is not going to accomplish anything, especially with no troops on the ground, and thus no search-and-rescue capability in the event planes go down, as Lieutenant al-Kasaebeh’s did. With no prospect of winning, and with a high potential of losing pilots and agitating the rambunctious Islamists in their own populations, why would these countries continue to participate? The Islamic State knows there is intense opposition to King Abdullah’s decision to join in the coalition. While the Islamic State’s sadistic method of killing the pilot has the king and his supporters talking tough about retaliation, millions of Jordanians are Islamist in orientation and thousands have crossed into Syria and Iraq to fight for the Islamic State and al-Qaeda. There will continue to be pressure on Jordan to withdraw. Without a real American commitment to the fight, this pressure will get harder for Abdullah to resist. Jordan has no intention of getting into a land war the king knows he cannot win without U.S. forces leading the way. But the Islamic State does not need to lure Jordan into a land war in order to destabilize the country — it is already doing plenty of that by intensifying the Syrian refugee crisis, sending Jordanians back home from Syria as trained jihadists, and trying to assassinate Abdullah.

I will close by repeating the larger point I’ve argued several times before. We know from experience that when jihadists have safe havens, they attack the United States. They now have more safe havens than they’ve ever had before — not just because of what the Islamic State has accomplished in what used to be Syria and Iraq (the map of the Middle East needs updating) but because of what al-Qaeda has done there and in North Africa, what the Taliban and al-Qaeda are doing in Afghanistan, and so on. If we understand, as we by now should, what these safe havens portend, then we must grasp that the Islamic State, al-Qaeda, and the global jihad constitute a threat to American national security. That they also (and more immediately) threaten Arab Islamic countries is true, but it is not close to being our top concern. Ensuring our security is a concern that could not be responsibly delegated to other countries even if they had formidable armed forces — which the “coalition” countries do not. The Islamic State and al-Qaeda are OUR problem.”  

Colors on Christ in Brazil

Colors on Christ in Brazil

It will not be enough to shine beautiful lights on our monuments and buildings…if we allow the lights of civilization to go out.


Everyone wants peace, but the Holy Scriptures tells us  “…Peace, Peace…but there is no peace.”  It warns us to turn away from evil.  It also warns us about the way we live and judgments to come for people and nations.

(2nd Timothy, Chapter 3:1-5  New Testament)    “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come....  For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.”

Yet, we still hope and believe.   (Isaiah 2:4 Old Testament   “He shall judge between nations and shall decide disputes for many people; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.”)   The present is the present and what we do with it during these perilous times may be a long, dangerous road before the final judgment.

One World Trade Center, New York City

One World Trade Center, New York City


us patch

So much has happened to our veterans since this post in 2009 when vets were waiting eagerly to visit the Washington memorials.  Many have died..or continued to linger in hospitals.  Others perished, not on the battle field, but while waiting to see a doctor stateside. Nevertheless, this is the day that we remember them…their courage, their fortitude and much more.  They are the young and the old among us who should never be forgotten.

greeting the vets(from a previous post)  Probably He had a twinkle in his eye as he waited outside the restroom in our plane.  As I opened the door, he said “I’ve cleared the decks for you!”   Laughing, I said “Well, I want to thank you for your service to our country.”   He responded that his job had been to bury thousands and thousands of men who died on foreign shores.  “This was my job.”    I looked into those bright, blue eyes of a man in his eighties and knew he had seen the horrors of war.  He had been the last to look on the torn and battered bodies of those young men who had never made it home.

Pres Bush gives hugThese veterans on our plane were being sent free of charge by Southwest Airlines  to Washington, D.C to see the memorial for these brave men.    Honor Flight Network (   ) was their sponsor.  They raise funds to transport and house veterans to the D.C. area to view the WWII memorial. Many of them had never seen the memorial and knew their chances were getting shorter and some could not afford to go on their own.   Their decision was to go to D.C.  and to share with other WWII veterans their stories and  their lives.  The media was there to talk with them, as we waited for our flight.   We had a short service in the terminal where American flags were given out and a young man sang the National Anthem.   I noticed several things about the reactions of the people, which I hoped these veterans did not observe.   A young man sitting  across the aisle laughed at the singing of the anthem.  Many, however, gave an applause as the veterans entered in wheelchairs and with canes.   Most regretful of all was once we were on our plane, one woman, perhaps in her 50’s, was complaining to everyone that she had to sit behind the group.  She made a statement  “We have  paid for our flight.”    My statement to her is that these men paid much more in suffering, years away from home, and the sadness they had endured in war.   I liked what one of the volunteers had on the back of her t-shirt.   “If you can read this, thank a teacher.   If you can read it in English, thank a veteran.”    

On board USS Juneau (CL-52) at the time of her commissioning ceremonies at the New York Navy Yard, 14 February 1942.

On board USS Juneau (CL-52) at the time of her commissioning ceremonies at the New York Navy Yard, 14 February 1942.


While I was teaching 5th graders in Florida schools, one of my projects was to have  veterans and  Holocaust survivors come to the classroom and talk one on one with my students.    They heard their stories and then shared them with the rest of the class.  One of my fifth graders was wise enough to say, “My generation may be the last to speak in person to these men and women.”  

FrancesHoffman WWIIMarine

Francis Hoffman WWII

We must not forget the women who contributed so much during the war, either on the front or at home in the plants making munitions and other necessities for the war.  My mother, who is now 92, worked in one of these plants.  A newspaper clipping is special to us, showing her listening to the radio and hearing that  “Japan Surrenders”.

nancyBooks 045

WWII soldier relaxes

There used to be 16 million U.S. veterans of World War II . Now they are dying at a rate of more than 1,000 a day and number about 2.5 million according to the  Department of Veterans Affairs.  My husband, Bill, is a retired Navy Chaplain who is called on to speak at many of these burials.  Recently, he presided at a funeral for a WWII veteran who  was a POW (Prisoner of War) and had never received his Purple Heart. Unfortunately, he died two days before receiving it officially.

Yes, we are grateful for all they did.   We are glad they could see a memorial meant for them and those who died in World War II.   We will honor them always.  They are the ones called the “Greatest Generation“.    We must not forget them.    We also must not forget that there are very young men and women who have given so much of their lives on recent war fronts. 

Yes, this WWII vet  had a twinkle in his eyes  and a smile on his face, as we talked on the plane.  May he always keep this wonderful joy for living.  He is a special person.Obama Awards 24 Medals of Honor at White House

Our brave men and women are still on the fighting front…even though we are told they are not taking a “combat” position.  We know the truth is that once you are facing danger from a foe, the enemy does not stop to ask “Are you in combat or just advising?”.   The American people are smart enough to see through the semantics.   These active duty young people are in harms way and deserve our respect and prayers…as do all veterans.


In this photo taken Monday, Feb. 15, 2010, U.S. Army soldiers from 1st Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment are seen at a ceremony launching the Combined Security Force on Kirkuk, north of Baghdad, Iraq. The U.S. military mission in Iraq will soon be getting a new name. As of Sept. 1, Operation Iraqi Freedom becomes Operation New Dawn. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said in a memo Wednesday that the name change will send a strong signal that American forces have a new mission, which recognizes "our evolving relationship" with the government in Baghdad. (AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo)

(AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo)


Significance of Religious Freedom

To enjoy one’s faith, without fear of persecution, is one of life’s greatest privileges.  Unfortunately, it is not the reality of many in the world today.   Each time one has the opportunity to walk through the church door or listen to the ringing church bells, it is a day to be thankful.  Our founding Fathers had the foresight to give this to us as they established a new and free country.   Many of our young people are not taught the history or the significance of religious freedom if they are a product of our public schools.  Separation of church and state does not mean that we should not know history…and appreciate its benefits.

“National Religious Freedom Day falls on January 16 every year in honor of the day the Virginia General Assembly adopted the Statute for Religious Freedom in 1786.

The statute disestablished the Church of England in Virginia as the official religion of the state and paved the way for religious freedom for Catholics, Jews and other underrepresented religious minorities. Thomas Jefferson, who drafted and presented the legislation to the assembly, considered it to be among his greatest lifetime achievements.

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

The U.S. consistently ranks among the countries with the least religious restrictions, and roughly 88 percent of Americans believe the country was founded on the principle of religious freedom.

From the Huffington Post



“Today we commemorate International Religious Freedom Day, which marks the 17th anniversary of the passage of the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998. This landmark legislation sought to infuse America’s first freedom into our foreign policy, and it has made great strides in doing so. One of the ways it did this was by establishing the bipartisan, independent, U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom…

“Beyond having the institutions to defend religious freedom, much remains to be done, as we see relentless assaults on religious freedom around the world. Today is a day to not only remember the foundational importance of international religious freedom, the birthright of every individual, but a time to renew America’s commitment to advocating for this most basic right whenever and wherever it comes under assault. We have a moral responsibility to stand firmly on the side of people who simply want to live and worship in peace.

“Nowhere has intolerance and evil combined to destroy people of faith more than it has in the Middle East, where ISIS is engaged in a systemic, genocidal effort to wipe out all religious minorities, including Christians and Yezidis. Just over a year ago, ISIS swept through the Nineveh Plains, uprooting thousands in a matter of days. Faced with the choice of beheading, enslavement or forced conversion, entire villages fled with nothing more than the clothes on their back. Their historic convents, monasteries and churches have been destroyed or seized and re-purposed into prisons, weapons facilities, or torture chambers. For the first time in 2,000 years, there was no Christmas Mass in Mosul, and this exile is now stretching into a second winter. In Syria, the situation is no better…”

Portion of a Speech by Marco Rubio

Rubio family

Rubio family







Any religion that would want to destroy a person’s right to choose his/her own faith, is a religion that does not understand or care about the principles of freedom of choice.   We, as free people, must stand for these rights and give honor to those who have gone before to assure us of this privilege.   A very important fact is that even today we have men and women being held in countries around the world because they were serving as religious people to improve education, health, and welfare of those less fortunate.   Our government has  done little to try to get the release of these Americans who are being tortured in places like Iran when we had the leverage to do so.  One has to ask if this would have been the action…or inaction…of those who have gone before us to give us religious freedom?   The significance of this important part of our freedom cannot be over-looked or ignored.

How serious is the threat to religious freedom around the world?   Very serious.  We can only take the word of those who know and have no reason to tell us something untrue.  We have seen the videos of the Christians being beheaded and we are told that the same is happening to children in the Middle East.  Do we know what is happening in places like China?   Perhaps we should take a look and once again take a long, hard look at the religious freedom we still have in America.

There are those who will deny the basics of faith…and will spread this as truth. We are warned not to be deceived.  Frankly, with world-wide conditions, it may not be enough to set aside certain days to talk about or write about “religious freedom”, which could so easily be taken from us…. as these videos will show.

The Beauty of the Blue Ridge in Fall

More recently I wrote about The Mountain Way of Virginia and North Carolina.  The history is fascinating and the people hardy, but the mountains are a marvelous beauty!    This week I spent driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway and visiting some of the small towns, like Floyd, VA.   The towns vary, but all have the Mom and Pop restaurants with home cooking: grits, country ham, fluffy biscuits with or without a rich, brown gravy.

It seems that “outsiders” have found the mountains, as I have run into a Greek restaurant owner; a Colorado sign maker,  and  Jacksonville Center for the Arts  in Floyd  has invited musicians from the Czech Republic and a pianist from Russia.  Yes, Blue grass music is widely played, but it is not all that is part of the mountains.

overlook and parkway 011overlook and parkway 013


Rich in history; proud of their past…one will see memorials to the Civil  War dead and those who fought the elements to live in this beautiful place…like Ed and Lizzie Mabry who built their Mill…now preserved for all to enjoy on the Parkway.

Mabry Mill sm

Mabry Mill

Today, you are going to have a visual experience.  As you look, thank God for all He has created and share it with friends and family that may not have a mountain experience.

Fall Tree sm

Sugar Maple

Fall leaves 2015 sm

Sugar Maple Leaves

Little hole in mountain leaves sm

View off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia

Pumpkins in the Fields

horses VA sm

Horses and Cows graze along the Blue Ridge

Parkway field fence best dm

Split Rail Fence frames the Blue Ridge Parkway beauty




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