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A Rainbow Suddenly Appears…a reminder of Faithfulness

Standing at my kitchen window, I can see our back yard and a meadow behind our fence. Suddenly, a rainbow appeared very close to the ground.VA house rainbow appears2


My camera was close at hand and I was able to get two pictures before it disappeared in seconds. Friends that I sent the picture to have commented on how unusual and my 92-year-old uncle said, “Perhaps God is telling you….” I pondered that for a while because I have been trying to focus on the beauties of nature here in the mountains of Virginia and not on other concerning matters. I decided to look up what the Holy Scripture has to say about the rainbow. There was one interesting thing I found:

Bible Question: What is the meaning of the rainbow?

Bible Answer: The Bible tells us that the rainbow did not occur until after Noah’s flood. God gave it to us as a promise that He would never destroy the earth with a flood again.

“And I establish My covenant with you; and all flesh shall never again be cut off by the water of the flood, neither shall there again be a flood to destroy the earth.” And God said, “This is the sign of the covenant which I am making between Me and you and every living creature that is with you, for all successive generations; I set My bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a sign of a covenant between Me and the earth. And it shall come about, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud, and I will remember My covenant, which is between Me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and never again shall the water become a flood to destroy all flesh.” (NASB) Genesis 9:11-15

The rainbow was not only a promise from God but it was a reminder of how rain fits in the Scriptures.- a scientific fact – when we realize the Bible tells us that there was no rain before the flood (Gen. 2:5 and Gen. 7:4, 12). When God caused the flood to occur, He also brought the first rain. Then God caused rainbows to start appearing in the sky when rain occurs. This is consistent with science since rainbows only appear when water droplets are airborne.  We can see rainbows in water fountains and in the midst of a rain storm…even in our water sprinklers.
When rain or mist is present a rainbow can appear. When it does appear, it is actually a full circle. A rainbow appears when sunlight reflects off the inside of a water drop. The full circle cannot usually be seen from the ground but only from above the earth. Someone in an airplane can see the full bow.

circular rainbow

circular rainbow

It is also interesting to discover that rainbows contain all the colors of the spectrum with the inner part of the bow being violet and the outer red.

colors of the rainbow

colors of the rainbow

The Bible did not say the rainbow occurred before rain starting appearing on the earth but afterwards. Clouds did not appear before the flood but after the flood. God’s design for a rainbow requires rain…and as we know from scientific study.

Food for thought: Why did God place violet in the inner portion of the rainbow and red in the outer portion? Is it possible that God uses red as a reminder of Jesus’ blood which was shed when He died and violet as a reminder of His future eternal Kingdom? Whatever the reason, God has created a wonder in the sky to remind us of His faithfulness.

Other rainbow pictures to remind us of God’s promises:

sixrainbows3 rainbow2

The fact is that we can look around us and see all the colors of the rainbow in the abundance of nature which God has made for our pleasure.

ANNA and the ATTIC … a new book by Nancy W. Boyer

It is my privilege to announce the 8th book in my Nanny Series.  It is called Anna and the Attic.  The entire book is based on the fears of a little girl and her visit to her Grandparents in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. ( appropriate for ages 8-12)   In our uncertain world, young people have many fears, real and imagined.  We know the importance of good mental health and with each book I give parents, grandparents, teachers and other adults the opportunity to go over some thought-provoking questions.

Anna and the Attic is now available on under the author’s name, Nancy W. Boyer.   All the books in the series are listed  here.  It is my hope that it will meet the needs of young people everywhere.

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How much HISTORY can you recognize?

My love of history has lead me to show these rare pictures that I recently discovered.   Without looking at the answers shown at the end, see if you can name the person/persons/ or place or event:

Picture 1

Saving the babies from gas in England 1944Picture 2

Yankee stadium boxing 1923

  Picture 3

Survivor of Nagasaki bombying 1945

Picture 4

WWI  submarine washes ashore in England

Picture 5

WWII US soldier helps woman from cave 1944

Picture 6

Archduke Franz Ferdinand and wife day of assassination1914 begins WWI

Picture 7

Discovering Manets painting hiden in Merker Salt Mine

Picture 8

Construction of Mt. Rushmore Nationa Memorial 1939

Picture 9


Picture 10

William Harley and Arthur Davidson 1914

Picture 11

Golden Gate bridge construction 1937

Picture 12

Hemmingway at bar

Picture 13

Howard Carter exams sarcophagus of King Tut

Picture 14

prohibition 1923

Picture 15

First New York subway ride 1904

Picture 16

Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr discussing quantum mechanics 1925

Picture 17German Communist execution in Munich 1919

Picture 18

Young Winston Churchill 1895


Picture 1:   Saving the babies from gas in England 1944 Picture 2:   Yankee stadium boxing 1923 Picture 3:   Survivor of Nagasaki bombing 1945 Picture 4:   WWI submarine washes ashore in England Picture 5:   WWII US soldier helps woman from cave 1944 Picture 6:  Archduke Franz Ferdinand and wife day of assassination 1914 begins WWI Picture 7:   Discovering Manet’s painting hidden in Merker Salt Mine Picture 8:   Construction of Mt. Rushmore National Memorial 1939 Picture 9:    Russian Imperial Family 1911   All were murdered. Picture 10:   William Harley and Arthur Davidson 1914 Picture 11:    Golden Gate Bridge construction 1937  in U.S.A. Picture 12:     Author Earnest Hemingway at bar Picture 13:     Howard Carter exams sarcophagus of King Tut Picture 14:     Prohibition 1923…Hiding the liquor in U.S.A Picture 15:      First New York subway ride 1904 Picture 16:      Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr discussing quantum mechanics 1925 Picture 17:       German Communist execution in Munich 1919 as young man remains defiant. Picture 18:      Young Winston Churchill 1895 Picture 19: Picture 20 _______________

From time to time, I will put a special Scripture that means a great deal to me.  This one, I consider to be my LIFE VERSE. Scripture quote for the day:  Proverbs 3:5,6    TRUST IN THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND DO NOT RELY ON YOUR OWN INSIGHT.  IN ALL YOUR WAYS ACKNOWLEDGE HIM AND HE WILL MAKE STRAIGHT YOUR PATH.

Music and Flowing Water

VA brookThe restfulness of a flowing stream gives moments of peace.   Take time to relax this weekend.  Look at the new leaves and the flutter of the birds and the opening of a new flower.Va flowering2Birds yellow finches  VA

God’s creation is a thing to cherish.












Last Memorial Day, I posted this tribute to those who serve. I think it is good for another year and maybe many more to come….for we must not forget.

On this MEMORIAL DAY,  Boyer Writes honors all those who responded to the call of duty to country and all freedom stands for….especially those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

After viewing the slide presentation, you may want to look at the different wars throughout history where and when the United States has sent troops to fight.   We are just one country.  Multiply this country and all wars  of all countries in the world ….to make us one big, warring globe.

There are reasons, of course.  Some fight for their independence.  Others fight to maintain their freedom.  Many fight to rule over the weak, sick,and impoverished.

There are those who fight and murder in the name of God…religious wars.   Read your history and you will not be surprised for it happened when Muslims fought Christians; Christians fought in the Crusades; nations have tried to rid the world of Jews.

The Holy Scriptures tell us that we will call for “Peace….Peace….but there is no peace…”    Those who make predictions believe that before the coming of Christ to the earth a second time, there will be the greatest of all wars….in the Middle East.   This is not something for optimism.   Nevertheless, we are also told to “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem”….and the world.   We cannot control governments, groups, or individuals  who hate and destroy…but pray we can do.

General MacArthur, the great general of World War II made this statement about war.  

” I pray that an omnipotent providence will summon all persons of goodwill to to the realization of the utter futility of war. We have known the bitterness of defeat, the exultation of triumph, and from both we have learned that there is no turning back. We must preserve in peace, what we won in war.

The destructiveness of the war potential, through progressive advances in scientific discovery has in fact now reached a point that revises the traditional concept of war. War, the most malignant scourge, and greatest sin of mankind, can no longer be controlled, only ABOLISHED! We are in a new era. If we do not devise some greater and more equitable means of settling disputes between nations, Armageddon will be at our door…” 


( Click on arrow; turn on sound and enlarge picture for best viewing.  Music by St. Olaf Choir) Warning: disturbing scenes of war wounded)


 Choose and click on a war listed to read information.

unknown soldier

Remember History or RELIVE it!

As I walked through the gates of Auschwitz  with my students a few years ago, I was reminded of the famous saying that one must remember history or relive it.   This is particularly true today with the evil plots to destroy one’s neighbor from within or without.   My fellow blogger, Stephen Liddell in England, reminded his countrymen that there is  at least one great reason to get out and vote in their General Election.   This picture tells that reason.  We here in America should be taking as seriously our own future elections.

In England,  888,246 poppies were laid  to remember each of the WW1 dead.  (Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Defence.)

In England, 888,246 poppies were laid to remember each of the WW1 dead.
(Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Defense.)


Voters, here in America and those abroad, were not living during WWI and many were not living during WWII, but that does not mean we can not take our lessons from history.   The battles may be different, but they are battles just the same.   Complacency may be the road to slavery or death.  No one likes to think of it, but it is the truth just the same.  A strong nation will defend itself.  A strong people will not  turn a blind eye to the past…especially when one is threatened with evil and destruction.

I would say to our friends in America and worldwide, teach history to your young people.  When surveyed, they seem to not know even basic facts of the sacrifices of their grandparents during times of crisis.    They are the future voters and the inheritance of whom we choose now as leaders in the world.

I am writing this on May 7.  How many people would know some of the events of history that happened on this one day alone…May 7th?    These events changed history and the lives of people, but are they remembered?  Multiply this one day by all the days of the calendar year.

  • 1727 – Jews are expelled from Ukraine by Empress Catherine I of Russia
  • 1862 – Battle of West Point, VA (Eltham’s Landing, Barnhamsville)
  • 1913 – British House of Commons rejects women’s right to vote
  • 1915 – SS Lusitania sunk by German submarine; 1198 lives lost
  • 1939 – Germany & Italy announced an alliance known as the Rome-Berlin Axis
  • 1942 – Nazi decree orders all Jewish pregnant women of Kovno Ghetto executed
  • 1943 – Dutch men 18-35 obliged to report to labor camps
  • 1945 – WWII: unconditional German surrender to the Allies signed by General Alfred Jodl at Rheims
  • 1947 – General MacArthur approves Japanese constitution
  • 1954 – French surrender to Vietminh after 55-day siege at Dien Bien Phu
  • 1960 – USSR announces Francis Gary Powers confessed to being a CIA spy
  • 1975 – Pres Ford declares an end to “Vietnam Era”
  • 1980 –  Iraq bombs a Tehran oil refiner
  • 1982 – US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • 1999 – Kosovo War: In Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, three Chinese citizens are killed and 20 wounded when a NATO aircraft bombs the Chinese embassy in Belgrade.
  • 2013 – 55 people are killed by a Boko Haram attack in Nigeria

Then there was September 11, 2001.    President Bush and the brave first responders… men and women of N.Y. City step forward as in Washington and Pennsylvania.  Leadership was everything!

The importance of leadership cannot be over-estimated.    What would England have done without Sir Winston Churchill during the crisis of WWII?    Leaders have to have vision larger than themselves and their political careers.  They must have a vision for what is right and what cannot be tolerated. Thank you, Stephen, for reminding us of the importance of never forgetting when making choices.

Not on May 7th, but in 1962 was the Cuban Missile Crisis. Leaders could not stand by for they had been elected to protect us …and they acted.  Regardless of what party Americans belong, Democrat or Republican, the leadership of a President and the elected leaders makes a difference. Perhaps these thoughts are best said by one of our former Presidents who met his last days by an evil act. History is a well as a time of encouragement …heed it!


THE POWER OF WORDS can change many things

If we only knew how much words mean, we might choose them more carefully.  We know that the words spoken in history have changed nations.

  • Take the speeches made by Hitler to people who eventually hung on his every word….doing his bidding even beyond the rationale of the human mind.
  • The words of Mother Teresa, now a saint, who spoke the words of comfort to the poor and dying on the streets of Calcutta.
  • The emotions that were heard in the words of those watching the Twin Towers falling on 9-11.
  • The  words of warmth, when whispered in your ear, “I love you.”
  • Words that change feelings and relationships, when one hears…”I’m sorry or Forgive me”.

Even the words not spoken, but written can make a great difference in the lives of people. What we read in the newspapers or in books, may change our way of thinking.  The Holy Scriptures, which were first spoken and then eventually written, have given a soul the reason for living and hope for eternity.

Think carefully before you speak…..or write.   It may be profound to someone.

A friend sent me this video which gives another meaning to the written word and its effect on people:


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