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SANDHILL CRANES in Florida and Elsewhere

sandhill craneI heard their loud calls this morning and knew the Sandhill cranes were strolling through my yard.   Most of the time the high-pitched call is to warn the others that something or someone is close by.  I have found that if I am quiet, that I can walk up to them with no problem.  They do not seem to fear the human as other birds do. Here in Florida, these birds can be seen  walking through the neighborhoods in a slow, methodical style.  Often one can see them in large numbers in a more rural setting.

The Florida Sandhill Crane is far less common than cranes in other states.  Only about  5,000 are remaining.  Building projects drive them out of their areas for reproducing.  However, in Florida, they are  protected.  Anyone harming them will receive a huge fine.   Their species is under protection of state and federal law.

“Since the loss of habitat is a somewhat controllable cause of a declining population, habitat preservation is a valuable management measure. The current outlook for the Florida sandhill crane, if it can be maintained on the protected habitats, is good. Transplanting wild birds, as well as introducing captive-reared birds into suitable areas where crane numbers are low, appears to be a practical technique in the management of this threatened species. It is hoped that these management strategies, plus continued ecological research, will prevent the Florida sandhill crane from reaching a more critical status.

Sandhill Cranes can be found from Alaska to Florida with journeys in areas in between. So you are not certain if you have seen a sandhill crane?  I have a treat for you filmed in Alaska.  It is an interesting story about a goose that thought he was a sandhill crane.

For your viewing enjoyment, I give you the elegant sandhill crane…and a goose:

Life is FRAGILE…handle with PRAYER….and a SEAT BELT?

A picture on the wall was stitched carefully by hand.   It read,” Life is fragile, handle with prayer”.  Such a truth, yet so hard to grasp.   We don’t think of life as fragile, but something that will continue  on.   It is hard to imagine that  breath could stop suddenly without regard to age or status in life.   It just happens…or does it?   Perhaps we have some choice in whether our breathing continues or not.   It may be just as simple as a seat belt.

One rarely thinks that for so long there were no laws to wear this small, strap across our chest.  How insignificant….a simple, little strap is  that may make the difference between life and death.   It may make the difference also  in the grief of a family or the joy in seeing you walk through the door.   No one thinks about it until a police report shows a seat belt was…or was not worn.

Common sense and simply remembering that life is fragile may make a difference each time you turn on  the ignition …..or your teenager does.


Japanese Love Affair with Beethoven

immortal-belovedDearly Beloved  is a  film about the life of Ludwig van  Beethoven who was born in 1770 in Germany.  Part of his life was lived as a deaf composer who was the predominant musical figure in the transitional period between the Classical and Romantic eras.

Still loved today, I find the following video most interesting as the Japanese have also “fallen in love” with the music of Beethoven. Maybe this is an understatement as we hear over 10,000 Japanese musicians beethovenperform.

Enjoy this presentation:

Passion for what we love…can bring unexpected results

He was a young orphan who ran away from an abusive situation.  For years he lived on the streets in Korea, but one day he heard a man sing and it spoke to his heart.  Perhaps he too could learn to sing.  His singing grew into a passion and the possibility that he might be able to pull himself out of the sadness of his life by the talent God had given him.

Hear the story of this young Korean man.   Listen to his beautiful voice…and pray that his life may be changed by his courage to sing.   For your Sunday listening…..

Do you stumble over your own feet? Precision doesn’t have that option!

Some people are generally clumsy.  That is an opposite of being sure-footed.  My husband, who is 6ft 5inches is often asked if he was a basketball player.  His response is “I couldn’t chew gum and walk at the same time!”  Those who want to be their best at coordination, especially within a group, find that there is no room for error. We found that true when we were treated by our son to an evening at La Nouba Cirque Du Soleil, which is an excellent show, with high wire performances to take one’s breath away and special acts that require expert precision.

Precision is defined as being precise or having exactness.   .   The dedication in becoming so perfect as being described a the ultimate in precision is a talent that takes months…if not years…to achieve.

A quote about perfection is as follows:  One minute was enough. A person had to work hard for it, but a minute of perfection was worth the effort. A moment was the most you could ever expect from perfection.

This may be true for no matter how hard a person or team has to work at achieving this moment…once it has happened…there will always be the chance for a mistake which will be noticed more than any of the other moment of exactness.

Why do we want to be a part of a chance to do something others cannot…or will not …do.  Either they are too lazy or the lack of self-discipline to try….or they do not see the value in trying to go beyond what is the norm.   Take the Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon as an example.   The self-discipline and the ability to work as a unit is almost mesmerizing.  (See video below).  It is hard to believe that this many men can achieve such “perfection”…or at least exactness.   Does it build character?   You have to believe that it does.   How many times did one of the rifles fall?   How many times did all get the movement right except one…to have to redo and redo it again?   This is the physical world…the no-nonsense desire to achieve…to make something as totally correct as it can be.   It may be a goal that one sets for himself.   We can be the best that we can be.  This is, of course, if we have the determination or courage.

In the spiritual world, we are told we can “do all things in Christ Who strengthens me.”   Determination…strength of spirit…fortitude…all take drill and practice.  One will say, “No one is perfect.  There will be something that is not exact.  Yes, but the trick is to make it so minute that it is totally unnoticed.

Horowitz plays Rachmaninoff with the New York Philharmonic

Horowitz plays the passionate compositions of Rachmaninoff.   For your Sunday pleasure….up close with a great pianist.

Freedom of Speech…is it going out the window?

Freedom of Speech2One thing most bloggers, internet users, publication and book writers, reporters (etc) cherish more than anything is to have the opportunity to write or read what they wish.  There are parts of the internet that I would never make a part of my reading routine.  Nevertheless, what I disagree with and what I appreciate should be my option.

The Constitution of the United States guarantees this freedom to me. It is the document that we look to for keeping liberty alive. US Constitution - We The People

When the cold war seemed to be over,  people, who had never had the openness that we enjoy in the West, rushed to find out what this new freedom was all about.   No one challenges that the ability to contact the world through the internet and social media has become a tool for information…both good and bad.   It seems obvious that this is where the choice of the person comes into play.   Those who want  a friendlier, happier world will use the internet for good.  Those who don’t and have their own agenda for destruction will use it for evil.  Such is the way of the world.  It is made easier and quicker by this new media.Freedom of Speech4

During World War II, radios were taken from the homes of people.  This was, of course, to control information and only allow the subjected people to know what the dictators wanted them to know.  That was then…but the same is true now. It leads us to a question:  Could your freedom of speech eventually go “out the window” regardless of where you live?

Recently, Russia has made laws about the use of the internet  under the pretense of keeping “terrorists” out….(Good luck!)  This may be a new restraint to come for other nations that want to silence their people.  Along with women who are being suppressed  by so-called laws of reform, the laws of speech reform is another type of control.

Freedom of speech is not something one can touch. It is in many ways  like the wind we don’t see. It is powerful and should be recognized as one of the greatest liberties one can have.

Read full account below:



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